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About Award Prosthetics

Award Prosthetics is a full service prosthetic facility for all amputees and anyone who requires the use of crutches.

Award Prosthetics specializes in high level lower extremity prosthesis fittings, like very short Above Knee, Hip Disarticulation and Hemipelvectomy prostheses.

Award Prosthetics is also keeping up with technololgy. We use silicone liners, flexible sockets and super flexible acrylic resins to form-fit the amputee exactly and comfortably. We use current, state of the art technology, such as microprocessor knees and myo-electric/microprocessor arm prostheses.

Physiotherapy and gait-training can be arranged as well as accommodation at the Accent Inn Hotel next door to our modern laboratory.

We believe in the principle of the informed consumer. Too often a prosthetic lab will leave you sitting in a room without even seeing another amputee.

We offer a facility that is oriented to all the needs of the amputee. As a client of Award Prosthetics you are part of the solution, not a part of the problem.

Helping you feel confident and comfortable with your prosthetic choice is part of the process. We encourage you to take an active role in the development of your prosthesis together with the option of communicating with other amputees.

Award Prosthetics is certified by Orthotics Prosthetics Canada.

About our Crutch Store

Crutches are not just an extra appendage anymore. New ergonomic and anatomical designs, lightweight materials, colors, crutch tips and grips, and more have made crutches more user friendly, functional and convenient.

We currently feature Folding Forearm Crutches, Kowsky Crutches, Children's Crutches, and a line of Amputee Skin Care and Amputee Sweat Control Products.

Visit our Crutch Store Here.