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Disclaimer: Please note that the Crutch Store product(s) shown in the picture are not necessarily exactly like the product being sold but are shown as an example only.

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Award Prosthetics Folding Crutch Options

Ossenberg Carbon Folding Crutches

Ossenberg Folding Crutch Ossenberg Folding Crutch


A high-quality foldable travel crutch made of carbon fibre to a maximum body weight of 140 kgs. The foldable travel crutches can be disassembled and set up with an elastic band for easy mounting.

The plastic parts are of glass-fiber reinforced material.The soft cushioned handles are made of antimicrobial material which hinders bacterial expansion and kills microorganisms.The crutch can be adjusted in height by push button.

The tips shown in the pictures are not the standard tips that come with the crutches. They are an upgraded tip option shown only as an example.

Color Option
O.P.O. Forearm Folding Crutches


Folding Crutches for travelling with Double Adjustments Clips

  • Cuff Adjustable and Height Adjustable with 2-pin Clip.
  • Anatomical Soft Rubber Interchangeable Handgrips that can be ordered for spare or replacement.
  • Articulated Closed Cuff.
  • Light Alloy Crutch.
  • Folds down into 2 parts, 54cms. or 21 inches long.
  • Colour choice – BLUE or GRAY
  • Max. User Weight = 150 Kg..

$280.00 per pair + Shipping and Handling

Color Option