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Crutch Store Testimonials

Anya McRae, Vancouver

Tested my new crutch tips today at snowy Cultus Lake, on snow, slush, icy dock. Radius anti-slip design, I'm very happy with it. Thanks for Tony at Award Prosthetics! Your professional advise and generosity is much appreciated!!

Chandler Balkman, Washington

“Tony, both sets of crutches have been great! The non-folding ones are the best crutches I’ve ever used and the folding ones provide similar stability in a smaller package - they’re great! Enclosed are some photos of me at the beach.” (Chandler has a pair of the New Walk® Spring Loaded crutches and a pair of the FASTR® Comfort crutches.)

Elicia Meairs, Kansas

“Elicia is using her Kowsky® crutches some at school in addition to her walker. She is very determined and is receiving physiotherapy at school. We will be using your services for a very long time. It shows that you care about your clients.”

Anita Hollander, NYC

“Tony, I just have to tell you how incredible it’s been using your remarkable crutches for the past year! As an actress, a New Yorker, a mom and generally a busy person, these Kowsky® crutches with their feather weight and truly comfortable grips and cool colors have been a boon to my existence!”

Carla Shuford, North Carolina

“I have been a client of Award Prosthetics/CrutchAbility since 1994. Tony introduced me to the Kowsky® crutches in the summer of 1995 and I have relied on them ever since. They are far superior to any crutch that I have ever used and they continue to be a lifesaver for me. The anatomically correct grips have saved me from needing carpal tunnel surgery. These crutches are my very best friends!”

Disclaimer: Please note that the Crutch Store product(s) shown in the picture are not necessarily exactly like the product being sold but are shown as an example only.

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