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Award Prosthetics keeps up with the latest technology to give our clients component and finishing options in their final prosthesis. "Keeping –up” includes reading, internet research and most importantly attending courses which provide additional training required in this field.

Tony van der Waarde and his staff are always on the look out for what’s new in the industry. In addition, several times a year we have ‘In-Services’ put on by various manufacturers which are beneficial to the clients we invite as well as an opportunity for the staff to learn more about aspects of the business.

For some of the specialty and sport specific adaptations, a partnership approach is used with like minded technicians and businesses. If we are not able to do something ‘in-house’, we strive to find the right person (or company) to help us accomplish our collective goals.

Choices: There is no one solution, recipe or formula which is the right prosthesis for everyone. Each client has their own unique requirements which will demand individual solutions.

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