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Amputee Resources

Farabloc Development Corporation - Amputation and Phantom Limb Pain

Warren MacDonald - Double amputee and motivational speaker Warren Macdonald's story is mesmerizing.


Amputee Coalition of America

Amputee Treatment Center

First Step Clinics

Lenor Madruga Chappell: The Next Leg of My Journey

Limbless Association

One Leg Tim

Amputee News - There's loads of news about amputees out there, this is the site to find the latest news. This website is intended to be a news resource for amputees, their friends and family, those who work with amputees and those who are simply curious.

Canes Canada - Stylish daliy use canes, collector's canes, and walking sticks

Walking canes for women - Fashionable and stylish, these canes for ladies provide comfort and support by walking. Adjustable canes, folding walking sticks, wood canes come in variety of patterns and will make every lady look attractive.

Glenda Standeven - Glenda Standeven, long term amputee cancer survivor, inspirational/motivational speaker/author shares her wisdom as well as humor through both the written and spoken word.