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Prosthetic Product Resources

Following are some of the products and suppliers that we utilize at Award Prosthetics:

POABC (Prosthetist Orthotist Association of BC) http://www.poabc.ca/

OPC (Orthotists Prosthetist Canada) http://www.opcanada.ca/

Alternative Prosthetic Services, Inc. - One of the ultimate solutions in restorative prosthetics!

College Park Industries, Inc. – www.college-park.com

Evolution – www.evolutionliners.com

Fillauer – www.fillauercompanies.com

Freedom Innovations – www.freedom-innovations.com

Ossur – www.ossur.com

Touch Bionics – www.touchbionics.com

Dorset Orthopaedic


Endolite Blatchford

Vancouver Prosthetics and Orthotics Inc