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Amputees Amplified - Amputees Amplified is an excellent source of information for new or active amputees. Resources include amputee sports, humor, news, stories, photos, videos and more. Be sure to visit their Amputee and Disability Resource Directory.


Pain Relief and Pain Management for Back Pain, Chronic Pain, Muscle and Joint Pain, Amputee Phantom Pain and Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Pain with Farabloc Clothing Products. Chronic pain relief and management for back pain, joint pain, carpal tunnel, amputee phantom pain and other types of pain naturally with Farabloc Clothing Products. Farabloc is a clinically proven natural pain relief treatment that you wear.

http://www.superlite.org/ is the home of Enabling Technologies, LLC the premiere design and manufacturing company of adaptive recreational equipment for the physically challenged individual. Our skis, outriggers, and crutches are sold throughout the world and are recognized for their durability, versatility, and superior workmanship.

Glenda Standeven - Glenda Standeven, long term amputee cancer survivor, inspirational/motivational speaker/author shares her wisdom as well as humor through both the written and spoken word.

Inspirational and Motivational Speaker
http://www.glendastandeven.com/ , http://www.choosingtosmile.com/

Amputee Coalition of BC - www.acbc-org.blogspot.com

AIM Vancouver – Vancouver, BC Association of Injured Motorcyclists

Amputee Coalition of America – www.amputee-coalition.org

Amputee News – www.amputeenews.com

Jim Byrnes - www.jamestbyrnes.com

Limbless Association UK – www.limbless-association.org

One Leg Tim – www.onelegtim.com

War Amputations of Canada – www.waramps.ca

Canadian Amputee Sports Association

Canadian Amputee Hockey Association

Canadian Paralympic Committee

Warren Macdonald

Some Perks for Amputees

Many other discounts are available often merely by asking or checking in advance with the area you are interested in like: movie theatres, ski resorts, hotels, transportation, etc. Find out what documentation, memberships or forms you may need to have in *advance* of your chosen venue.

More of these ‘PERKS’ will be added as we hear about them.

Disability Tax Credit – Revenue Canada

ICBC - Disability discount on the Basic Autoplan and a Senior's rate class

Neil Squire Society – retraining possibilities to re-enter the job market

Provincial and Federal Gasoline Tax Rebate Program see: fuel tax rebate form

See the BC Government web site for info on:

Provincial Park Discounts

Provincial Fishing License

BC Ferries: Discount

SPARC BC - Don’t forget parking spots & lots! If you display your ‘handicapped’ placquard, many of the spots designated for people with disabilities are not metered. Be sure to check the ‘fine print’! Also check your local enforcement agencies for their rules and privileges as they will no doubt vary from place to place.