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Award Prosthetics Staff

Tony van der Waarde CP(c), President and Chief Prosthetist

Tony van der Waarde CP(c) has amassed volumes of experience, techniques and information from over 35 years in prosthetics from around the globe.

Following his graduation from George Brown College in Toronto in 1973, Tony obtained his Canadian Prosthetic Certification after completing a 2 year internship in Edmonton, Alberta. Since then Tony has been employed in both Hospital and private Prosthetic/Orthotic facilities throughout Canada. more...

Tracy Steer, Clinical Assistant

Tracy started working at Award Prosthetics in May 2002 shortly after becoming a client. Tony recognized her skills and encouraged her to work at his facility. It was a good call. Since that time she has become a devoted & dedicated employee who is extremely knowledgeable in virtually all aspects of this prosthetic facility. With a strong background in the customer service, she has terrific I.T. skills, works on funding applications, billings, etc. She also assists with consultations, fittings, and being a below knee amputee (since 1994), is sometimes a test model for new products and students at BCIT. At one point Tracy considered a career in Prosthetics. She has a strong desire to help other amputees and traveled with her husband, Larry, to Belize last year to work with the prosthetist there on their holidays. Tracy is a mentor and role model for many amputees in BC and around the world.

Larry Holmes, Technical Director

Larry began working at Award Prosthetics initially because he would drive his wife, Tracy, the office manager at Award Prosthetics, to & from work. In the beginning, Larry would ‘work’ as a volunteer. Showing promise and good aptitude in many areas, in September 2002 Tony took Larry on as a technician. It has worked out very well for all parties and now is a valued member of the 'family'. Larry is a dedicated and hard worker. He has become well versed in fabrication materials and techniques often coming up with innovative ideas. He is willing to try new things and open to learning, completing a CAPO Symposium Technicians course in Edmonton , June 2009.

Caroline Chia

She is our newest member since July 2011. Her role is receptionist, appointment coordinator and crutch consultant.
Caroline speaks several asian languages and is very keen to assist our clients.