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Tony del Giglio - Amputee since 2012

HEY LARRY ,just wanted to thank you so much for getting to see TONY at AWARD PROSTHETICS, for a second opinion. I have got a new prosthetic made and so much better than what i had from the last place i was going to. It took 3 hrs and complete custom fit socket , as compared to a week and a half for the other place, and i was always suffering from open wounds and infections from poor system i was offered from the last place , i have so much more mobility and less pain from the new system , and TONY also addressed my other leg , with the care it needed , i have arthritis very bad in my left knee, from over worked with the loss of right lower limb. Tony made a Farabloc sleeve that fit over my leg from my knee down to ankle, and i felt a warm soothing sensation, and took some of the edgy pain, and surprised that it would make a difference. i already knew that the Farabloc worked on my prosthetic leg with blocking atmospheric frequency's and phantom pain , and now very happy with the relief with the knee joint. TONY ,Tracy ,AND CREW AT AWARD , are so personal and professional , wish i had of known about AWARD PROSTHETICS after my amputation , i would have never gone for a second opinion , i just had to let you know that i have finally see hope and the mobility i need to get started on the road to recovery, finally after 2yrs. of set backs, and i have just started with TONY at AWARD,good to be hooked up with top notch professionals, a good Prosthesist is someone we will need for life, I am TOTAL BELIEVER and fortunate to have the best , sorry for starting to sound like you preaching, but can't help it , thanks LARRY , and Tony and crew at AWARD PROSTHETICS.

Joseph Fa Jun Shu – HP Amputee since 2001

"I have a long history of unsuccessful attempts at comfortably-fitting sockets by prosthetists who were both unqualified and unwilling to do the extra work and care required for a hip disarticulation amputee.

The name "Tony van der Waarde" is the one that kept surfacing within amputee networks and at national conferences. "If you want a good leg, get yourself to Tony." I did and I'm forever grateful!"

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Zhang Yang

Zhang Yang – HD Amputee since 1998

“Jill” sustained an injury at the age of 2 and the wound never healed. She subsequently became a Hip Disarticulate amputee and has managed well using only one crutch for 22 years. A professional singer and performer in China , Jill came to Canada as part of a performance troupe to raise funds for the Sichuan earthquake survivors.

While here, Tony and AWARD PROSTHETICS manufactured her first prosthesis. She was ecstatic! The huge smile from ear to ear said it all. No need for a translator here. Because she is normally quite active and was so excited, it was difficult to keep her in a training mode – slow & gradual, building up time & gait training skills. Since returning to China , we hear from Jill & she is still happy & grateful – still smiling!

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Andrea Holmes – North Vancouver , BC - Fibular Hemimelia

Please Note: The pasword to view this video is MDF14

'My Favourite Leg' from Coni Martin on Vimeo.

Have you ever wondered what life would be like with only one leg?
My Favourite Leg tells the inspiring story of the perseverance and determination of Andrea Holmes, a Para-Olympian athlete and an international champion in track and field, who lives with that reality every day.

(C), 2015, by Coni Martin.



Andrea Holmes



"No matter what your needs are, after the fit and the function elements of your prosthesis are addressed, we get to the ‘icing’. So, whether it’s custom silicone restorations or specialty sport prostheses, AWARD PROSTHETICS can deliver!"

Here is a clip in which Andrea is shown long jumping and an interview from the Forum for Women Entrepreneurs Gala 2009.







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Mohamed Boima Surrey , BC – Bilateral TR Amputee since 1998

Mohamed is a casualty of the civil war in Sierra Leone in 1998. Since coming to Canada and meeting Tony in 2003, "my new arms have allowed me to be much more comfortable in my social life and productive in my work life".

Mohamed is a family man and an avid cyclist and soccer player. Tony and Award Prosthetics have gone out of their way to help me in many aspects of my life, not just prosthetics.

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Larry Gardner- Owner of Amputee.ca - TF Amputee Since 1974

"For thirty years I wore a quad socket with an Ottobock hydraulic knee. Tony convinced me to try the Ischial Containment System. Within a few weeks, the painful red skin condition was gone. After gaining control of the new system, I am now walking much better and having far fewer stump problems. The flexible socket is much more comfortable, and I have more stability, stamina and confidence with the leg.

Tony and his staff provided a level of care and excellence combined with innovative techniques that was far above and beyond the call of duty. Their support and guidance while adapting to this new technology is most appreciated!

Thank you Tony, Tracy and Larry for the great new prosthesis and all your kind assistance and consideration!"

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Brian Downie, Dawson Creek , BC – KD Amputee since 2003

It was 2002. Brian was quite comfortable. He was happily married, approaching middle age with grown children and living in Dawson Creek , BC . He was a Chartered Account and had his own accounting business which was doing well. He loved his work, his family, his clients and life in the North.

Then one day on the way home from working out of town - meeting a client - boom! In one moment his life would be transformed. Just like most traumatic events, it only takes one tiny moment to create havoc and alter everything.

While recovering from the accident four months would pass. His crushed lower limb was not healing and he decided to take some affirmative action. Before his amputation, a knee disarticulation, Brian did some research in order to finalize his decision on an amputation and to choose the right prosthetist. On the internet he found and interviewed (by phone) at least 3 prosthetists. Tony was the only one who had something different to say. “First of all he listened to what I had to say! It seemed like we had a good working professional relationship right away. I could relate to him as I could to my own clients.” He found Tony to be a very caring person and one with whom he felt would be the best fit for him. “For one thing, he told me about the IPOP which he researched after our first talk. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out that this is the optimal procedure.” Tony flew up to Dawson Creek & was in the OR for the surgery & to apply the IPOP. Within a couple of days Brian was walking on his temporary prosthesis! He doesn't look back nowadays. Words of advice: “Amputees have to keep their own best interests in mind when dealing with their medical team. Do your homework and don't let anyone steer you in the wrong direction because of their desires.”

Brian and Tony have worked together to find all the solutions needed for his care. He is doing all the same activities that he did prior to becoming an amputee – hasn't let anything get the best of him. During the accident, Brian also sustained a head injury. This resulted in an early retirement and the sale of his accounting practice. Now a grandfather, he is free to travel to visit the little ones. The 5 year old granddaughter is just becoming interested in this 'new to her' appendage of her grandfather. It will be fun to see how this story unfolds.

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Liao Zhi, Han Wang, China – Bi-lateral BK Amputee since 2008

Liao Zhi (Jolly) came to AWARD PROSTHETICS in May of 2009 while she was on a cross country fundraising performance tour. She and a local organization were raising money for the Sichuan earthquake survivors of which Jolly was one. She received a pair of new legs from Tony on that visit and has been extremely more comfortable and functional in her every day activities and especially her performing. For the full story click here. To see a performance see below:


Jim Byrnes – Vancouver , BC – Bilateral TF since 1969

Marnie Payne, Vancouver , BC – Congenital TR Amputee since 1979.