Tony van der Waarde, CP(c)

Tony van der Waarde is a Certified Prosthetist CP(c) with over 50 years of experience in prosthetics around the globe.

He graduated from George Brown College in Toronto in 1973 and obtained his Canadian Prosthetic Certification after completing a 2-year internship in Edmonton, Alberta.

Since then Tony has been employed in both public/private Prosthetic/Orthotic facilities throughout Canada and US.

In 1986 as a CUSO volunteer, Tony and his family went to Papua New Guinea where he worked for 2 years training the locals in new prosthetic technologies.

After that, Tony was employed at the Sabolich Prosthetic Research Center in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. Sabolich is one of the largest and most advanced prosthetic facilities in the United States – there he honed his technical skills.

In 1995 Tony opened his own business, Award Prosthetics, in Burnaby, BC, and since then he is helping clients to get the best of their mobility.

In this 50+ years of expertise, Tony has fitted a large number of clients of all kinds and levels of amputation.
Tony is well versed in virtually every aspect of prosthetics – from the I-Limb (for upper extremity amputees) – to the latest computer micro processor knee units for above knee amputees. His specialty since 1980, however, has been fitting high level leg amputees like hemipelvectomy, hip disarticulation and very short trans femoral amputees. Tony is always up to date to current technologies and is in constant learning to bring the best results to patients.