Our Story

Award Prosthetics facade

Award Prosthetics was started in 1991 to fill a void that was as a direct result of certain amputee requests not being filled by local prosthetists in BC.

Tony van der Waarde’s career started in 1970 when he was able to gain lots of experience working in a variety of government-based and private labs.

 After Tony, a certified Canadian prosthetist since 1975, arrived in the province in 1991, he served at 2 local prosthetic labs (for two years each) and was “sponsored” by one of his long-term clients, called David, to start up his own business. David felt he and Tony were stifled in the pursuit of the best prosthesis he needed for function and comfort. David had a vision that combined the clinical/technical expertise with the operation of a proper business model.
This type of input and encouragement has gone a long way in establishing a culture of mutual respect between clients and staff.

The current location on 3823 Henning Drive was occupied in July 1991 after a 2-year start at the building next door that proved to be too small for the staff and client’s growth. All manufacturing, except for high-tech silicone products, was and still is done on-site with the latest available equipment and staff.

We serve local and out-of town clients and in the past, Tony used to travel to remote locations for fitting amputees unable to travel to Burnaby. All his travels to other P&O facilities added to a knowledge-based that is still attracting new clients to come to Burnaby.

The future of Award Prosthetics Inc and the profession will see many changes in the years to come, with the growth of Osseo-Integration and new technologies.  We are committed to  keep pace and take the lead.

Over the past 25 years the company has developed by a local, provincial, national and international reputation to do successful fittings of many different styles of prostheses. This is only possible because we have a philosophy of working with our clients, always considering their inputs and opinions .
We are happy to continue to serve our clients with a high level of professionalism and enthusiasm.