“Very seldomly will I write a testimonial and or review of a business however when I look back as my past seven years as an amputee some recognition is warranted.
I first reached out to Award Prosthetics looking for a pair of crutches as I was battling illness and my mobility was limited. Much to my surprise they not only had what I needed but explained the many options available, and they even dropped them off for me.
My second encounter was post amputation. I was two years post amputation, had gotten through the hospital mandated rehabilitation, had a few legs built by the hospital recommended prosthetist and successfully raced in a few events however never quite felt like I had a voice.
At this point I decided to go and see the team at Award Prosthetics for no other reason than I loved my crutches and service I received years prior, they had been around for quite some time and the location suited me.
Upon entry you get greeted immediately in a friendly welcome home fashion and instantly feel as though you are more than a patient.
Tracy the office Manager is knowledgeable and is willing to advocate for your best possible outcome. It is also worth mentioning that she herself is an amputee. So, when you arrive, feeling that no one understands your frustration and pain you have a friend.
Tony, the owner and prosthetist is truly unique. Which in this case is a wonderful thing. He is constantly learning and sharing his findings, he is not afraid to color outside of the lines especially if its in the patient’s best interest and will always help those who truly need some support and kindness. He will guide you in your journey and when needed give you some direct words to keep you on track and realistic.
I also want to give a call out to Joe, who is Tony’s technician and truly an integral part of Award.
In closing we all have different expectations and needs, but when choosing where we go just as your prosthesis the fit needs to be right. Award in my opinion is worth a visit!”

Jordan Lea, client since 2016

“I’m Marco Baratta, and I became a right below knee amputee in January 2020, after a long battle with Complex Regional Pain Syndrome.
I first met Tony, Tracy and staff at Award Prosthetics in 2016, when I was invited to an osseointegration open house. At that time I was considering amputation as a solution for my CRPS, and had already visited other prosthetics facilities. Two things immediately stood out about Award Prosthetics:
First, the vast amount of knowledge and experience that Tony had in various components and fitting methods for all sorts of amputee clients, some requiring very challenging fittings.
Second, the family like relationship that clients had with the staff. I soon felt like I became part of that family.
Award prosthetics has been an integral part of my journey from pre-surgery to post amputation, as well as my physical recovery and current prosthetic needs.”

Marco Baratta, client since 2020

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Have you ever wondered what life would be like with only one leg?
My Favourite Leg tells the inspiring story of the perseverance and determination of Andrea Holmes, a Paralympian athlete and an international champion in track and field, who lives with that reality every day.

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